Open Door Social Services

Open Pantry's Open Door Social Services program provides case management, housing search assistance, medical, mental health, and substance abuse referrals for homeless people living in area shelters,
on the streets, or temporarily doubled up with friends or relatives.

Open Door case managers provide a variety of services in relation to individualized service plans. They assist people in meeting basic needs, accessing entitlement benefits, recovery coach services, connecting with vocational rehabilitation and employment programs, understanding letters they receive, filling out forms, sending for birth certificates.

Open Door staff work in conjunction with Open Pantry's other programs and local agencies to provide comprehensive services for clients. Referrals are made so people can obtain shelter, permanent housing, health care, mental health and substance abuse treatment.

The services provided by Open Door Social Services are essential in assisting people in need.

Open Door Social Services
287 State Street,
Middle Floor,
Springfield, MA 01105
Ph: (413) 737-7062
Fax: (413) 746-2297

Jose Camacho, Program Director

Open Door Social Services